Cuttie pie and me!

Cuttie pie and me!

President Pingrees family and I making funny faces!

President Pingrees family and I making funny faces!

President Pingrees Family and I

President Pingrees Family and I
My New mission Presidents family!

I'm gonna cut my hair!

I'm gonna cut my hair!
It's way too hot here!!!!



The Killer Scorpion

The Killer Scorpion

I thought I was going to die!

I thought I was going to die!

Jacob and Mallory!

Jacob and Mallory!

Sister Donken and I!!!

Sister Donken and I!!!

Me and my new dew!!!

Me and my new dew!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letter # 74

September 6, 2011

Thank you dad! I printed this out, and will read it again...

Family and friends,

I feel the Lord knows what's in store for me.... My heart is so full and my eyes sting because this morning at a leadership training meeting, President Pingree had Elder Hill and I bear out testimonies as the "departing missionaries" I walked up to the front of these missionaries and felt very humbled...not seeking to impress anyone or say something that is going to be remembered forever as I so often felt like that moment would be...but rather I just felt well..." a lamb.." not much to say with words, only with tears can I truly express how I feel about serving here in Houston.

I started out by saying "there is a motto the Coast Guard has: 'We do this, so that others may live' first thought was as missionaries...but my mouth opened and I expressed of Jesus Christ. He suffered beyond what we can imagine so that we could live...when the storm was so rough that no one else dares travel in it, our savior took the blows. Because he loves us. I testified of our saviors love, of the love I have for him and how humbled and chastened I have been on my mission, more than ever in my life... but I have also NEVER felt a more sincere desire to LOVE then here as I have served.

I want to bear my testimony to you! I know this work is eternal, it's true. I know our brother and savior love me and you, and that he did what he did for us! So that we might live! I know in my heart that missionary work is part of the eternal plan of Heavenly Father to be a type of savior for our brothers and sisters waiting to be saved. In our meeting, I felt so much warmth from the Holy Ghost that my heart could barely contain it. I knew the things being taught were true. I know that these 19 year old boys have been set apart and called of God and am fulfilling their Priesthood responsibility of serving a mission and feeding the sheep! "Tens of Thousands" President Pingree says and today shirts were passed out to each missionary and we signed our standard of truth flag testifying to our mission, god and ourselves that we will strive to honor and respect our call as missionaries as well as all the missionaries that have come before and will come after!

Elder Holland came and spoke to us 2 weeks ago and said "missionary work is the life blood of this church, it has started that way, it is today and it will finish that way..." his eyes begin to fill with tears as he grips the pulpit and continues..." and YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RIGHT to degrade those who have served before you as missionaries". Wow! My heart was pounding, to hear such words. I never thought about it like that.

I feel so deeply moved to have the support of those I love and I know love me because I have had support out here serving the Lord. I then looked into the eyes of the elders many with watered faces and I said "many of you know my younger brother has chosen not to serve... seeing you here, gives me hope. I honor and respect you for serving. I watch and love each of you.

The Book of Mormon is true; it is the word of God. It stands as a witness to the world that Jesus is the Christ that he lived, died and was resurrected again on the 3rd day and we do claim that through a living prophet Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father has again called and restored that priesthood authority on the earth. Because it was lost, thousands of years ago because of sin. Today is the day we MUST share what we know to be true. Find this conviction within yourselves. The Gospel of Jesus Christ heals all hurt and breaks down all barriers. God lives and his love for us are shown through his words. The Holy bible, the book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, pearl of great price and his living prophets today! Thomas S. Monson is a prophet for the world today. I know this to be true through sincere prayer.

We do this so that others may members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-days saints. This is our duty and if our motive is love, nothing can prevail against us!

The work is amazing. Natalie Powell is getting baptized Sept 16th!
Amanda is doing great got baptized last week and Susan got baptized the week before. They are doing wonderful! The church is true. Families are forever through God’s eternal plan!

I love you
Form here to home

Sister Judkins

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Letter #73

August 29, 2011


I am finishing strong don't worry, got tons of stuff I need to accomplish and plans to strengthen the ward and missionary foundation before I leave....everyone is saying I should come back and get a job down in Texas here with all my contacts I have! Thinking about it.
Side note:
last night I went to Amanda’s house (she got baptized sat) so funny...we forgot to tell her to bring underclothes (extra) and we went running around and ended up tying a big trash bag around her chest to bind her down while she got baptized!! It was hilarious! :) She is awesome!!! All she wants to do is share the gospel! :)
Love Sis. Judkins

Letter # 72

August 22, 2011

WHAT A WEEK!!!!....

Ok...Susan's Baptism was INCREDIBLE!! There was a party for the Spanish branch @ the same time...but the spirit was so strong. She is doing GREAT! The lord is really blessing her physically with her cancer and health. She is telling her friends and family knows that smoking in her home is not appropriate any more! :) She is great! Received the Holy Ghost and when we raised our hands to welcome her, she was so funny, she started to wave to everyone! She is so good. ha ha ha! so cute

it was so cool too because after the baptism we went to eat the Mexican food at the party ;) (you know if there’s a party that's where I'll be) and we had the opportunity to meet Liz (leaving in 2 weeks on her mission to California), Katy (22-thinking about going...but lots of things r holding her back) and Hanna (an 18 yr old girl you would never guess would want to serve...but if you look close, you can see what's inside) ! I was able to bear testimony to them of what my 18 months has been like for me and why it truly is the best thing in the entire world! they all kept coming to me and asking questions and their eyes really wanted to know. to me I feel so happy, this work is not done when I take off the badge (which isn't happening, I'm going to wear one under my shirt ha ha!) but really it goes deeper. this job is literally sharing the truth...the plan to happiness! if you’re not the scriptures. if you are still unhappy serve your family look around you, feel God's love. don't let Satan put thoughts of anger, hatred, and depression in your hearts, we are children of God. we have a body and have a purpose in being on earth. we have eternal parents and because they love us with all their hearts they give us commandments to follow and by keeping these commandments we get to show them how much we love them and want to be with them again! wow! Mom and dad, we should treat you with so much love and respect, you are such great examples to me of reading the scriptures and saying family prayer and FHE and going to church no matter what! thank you for your strength in holding on to the iron rod and teaching us kids how to do the same! WE ARE STRONGER THAN WE THINK! how grateful I am to not only KNOW this but FEEL it inside!
Amanda is getting baptized This Saturday and has been receiving opposition also with her new boy friend and that's been a struggle. But God has his plan for her. and she was in the same predicament defending her religion tooth and nail 2 years ago...she said she just needed her heart to be softened! she is ready. came to church and passed her interview and right after Bishop Carruth had her come in for an interview with him in the office. she was nervous to see her b-friend's family yesterday because they had a LONG talk the night we offered to say a prayer with her. she is INCREDIBLE!
getting our new converts their new member lessons has been a HUGE challenge...this week sister Taylor and I incorporated a stratagem! we are assigning all 4 (soon to be 5) new members to another member (including ward missionaries) and committing them to take PMG and within the next 2 months set up apts with the new members and teach the lessons. they are in charge of setting apts up and getting a partner to come with them. we are going to each member’s home and inviting them personally and letting them know what a HUGE influence they will be for this new member! we talked to bishop and the ward mission leader and they all like it. we pray that it works, because the rate this ward is going, we are going to need a class just for our investigators (friends) :) we are also getting HT involved with lessons!
Marisa and Jacob are doing well...slow process....Jacob going to school, and getting new member lessons and attending young men’s are all going to help him be more respectful and appreciative at home. reading scriptures and coming to church and praying we are focusing on with them!
RHIANN!!!! is new! member referral! sister Houston organized a time we could have lunch with her and Rhiann came to church Sunday! she really loved it! I asked if we could meet together for us to teach her more. and she said we would talk and stay in contact with sis Houston!!! I LOVE WORKING WITH SUCH INCREDIBLE MEMBERS!!! The power of conversion starts within the hearts of those we love. let us love our friends and just like you President follows the promptings of the spirit to follow through and share the most precious gift we have! and when they feel our love and sincere desire for their happiness...they will open their hearts and like Amanda receive the convincing power of the Holey ghost as it whispers within saying "this is home....your search is now done, now you must follow"....WOW!!! I love this gospel with all my heart! I can hardly believe I get to do this for the REST OF MY LIFE!!!!
I love you and your family, thank you president for encouraging us.
-Sister Judkins

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Letter # 71

Friends and family,

Being missionary ROCKS! The best thing EVER!

Keep Marisa in your prayers!!! She is an investigator (Jacob her son was baptized last sat!)

Dirk is a new investigator and he's AWESOME! Member referral! And we taught him last night and are coming back again! He said "I just don't see why we would need a prophet"....then he would say "yah, you just can't find the truth because of all the different interpretations of the bible!" I and my companion felt the spirit very strong and feel that he is ready...going to have to change many things but we are supposed to be teaching him, that's for sure!

Susan has a baptism date for this sat! She is sick...missed her lesson sat, but we are going to try to see what we can to encourage and support her. She is doing great with not smoking and drinking tea and coffee...she said "oh I will just give my coffee to my neighbor" :) ha ha! Awesome!!!!

Bailey and Braiden have a baptism date for Aug 27th BUT....their dad keeps saying he'll come to church and he hasn't showed up once!! The boys have been at their mom's house and we can understand that. They are so ready...but BRENT the dad is just making excuses!!!! How can we help him...he drinks and smokes and that is holding him back BIG TIME!! We want him to be worthy to baptize his boys....but he doesn't keep commitments....then how do we do that!!!???

The work is HARD WORK!!! I LOVE IT!! I'm so happy to be serving and I know that God is not going to let me live a leisure last transfer, I can feel a whirl wind coming on and I know that miracles WILL occur!!!! I'm SO READY!!! BRING IT ON!!!!

This week has been full of emotion and God has his plan but I sure wish he'd let me in on it sometimes!!! I love you family! PRAY FOR ME and my companion sister TAYLOR and our INVESTIGATORS and those were working with and our incredible ward that they will find more ready to hear this incredible message of the restored gospel! PLEASE PRAY THAT WE WILL DO/ Feel / and know what the Lord would have me accomplish these next 6 weeks!!!!!

I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!! I love this work with everything in me and I know this church the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been restored to the earth and it is true!!!! The Book of Mormon is truth that is a testament of the messiah and I pray that as we pray and study to know and then ask God and seek to partake form his hand when we have questions in life and concerns!!! HOLD TO GOD and follow his SON Jesus Christ!! He is the light and life of the world and it's through him that we MAY (if we choose) find everlasting HAPPINESS!!! I love you!

-Love you from here (home) to home!

-Sister Judkins

P.S. mom been taking greens, feel I need to get checked out at doc....calling's all good. Got shoes they are Awesome and they don’t' hurt my feet and THANK YOU!! Praying for you always!!! MY FAMILY!

Wow!!! No spell check!! HAHA!!! I love yah'll tooo!!! Have so much fun for me!! Julie babe! Be careful! No more fainting that is scary!! Take care of my swim suit K! We got to work out tons when I get home and train for triathlon!

-Sister Judkins

Monday, August 1, 2011

Letter #70

August 1, 2011

Friends and family,

Jacob was baptized Sat....AWESOME....the lord will be working hard on the incredible family! But they are super strong and faithful! We have another baptism Aug 13th-Susan quit smoking, and drinking tea (remember when I promised thought the sprit to quit smoking NOW and things will start happening for her!? well she did!!!) YAH! GO SPIRIT!!!! The work is on fire the WARD is on FIRE! We have A LOT OF WORK TO DO!!!!! LOVING THIS!!!! <3

Thank you mom! You are so awesome!!! It makes me SOOOOO home sick when you mention BOATING!!! AHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! I want to boat so badly!!!!
Will it be too cold to boat in September when I get home? Can we plan some boating trips the week I get home!!! PLEASE!!!! :) I'll pack lunch and we'll clean the house!!! It will be sooo much fun!!! We’ll make it the JUDKINS PARTAY all the way!!!

I love remembering how much fun we have boating and I had relived it all the time while I see all the lakes here in Montgomery! It's incredible. I just love the water and the smell of the engine and the aching muscles afterward! It’s amazing! Really incredible! I miss that....if there is one thing I'm so sad about it's that I can't go soak in the sun here and go boating!!!! SADDEST THING EVER FOR ME!!! :( ....alas....I can't think about it, because I have the best job in the world!!! I get to teach and serve and love and help my family out here!!!

It's the best feeling, when you get to find family all around the just have to get out of our everyday routine and talk to everyone, who knows, you might just find friendships that will last for a life time, and they are strong because they are founded on service and the savior Jesus Christ 1st....then the rest follows!!! I love how many of my new friends I will always be in contacts with, how I love them and appreciate all they go through and all they do to stay strong in their journey with learning about the church, making the commitment and then being baptized and following Jesus Christ even though they are being persecuted and made fun of and teased....we should be aware of the way we treat those around us....little jokes still hurt....sincere love is what Christ taught and we must follow and show just how dedicated we are to follow him by living his example!!!

I love the Lord, I love TEXAS....I love my mission I DON"T WANT TO LEAVE....I WILL come back!....what an experience to follow what God wants us to do and "preach my gospel" two by two proclaiming the gospel like unto angels of God".....WOW!!! this work is true no un hallowed hand can stop this work from heart these past weeks have been so swollen with love and appreciation that I cannot express in words and so it's interesting that I am moven to tears when I think of who I have become and the humility that I am still learning to except to really follow Jesus Christ and have faith in his plan for me his sister! This church is true! the Book of Mormon is a true testimony that has the fullness of the gospel once written in our holy bible but was lost, distorted and debated, we are all children of God, he loves us and cares about our happiness....we should reach out to others in love and sincere desire to serve and help strengthen that together we may build up the kingdom of God and give all the opportunity to receive the fullness of JOY we as children of god are promised to receive through our dedicated service to finding and follow the prophet as he follows the chief corner stone which is Jesus the Christ! "I do nothing save what I see the father do"...."come unto me...learn of me and ye shall find rest unto your soul"....."For God so loved the world..."

I love you so much, I cannot express all my love, I pray for you...I see the blessings God has blessed each of us in my family and those I've been able to be apart of teaching. The church builds us to become like our Heavenly Father. I know it is true! I bear you my witness as a representative of Jesus Christ! In his sacred name....Amen.

Love you from here (home) to Home
-Sister Judkins

Monday, July 18, 2011

Letter #68

Ok this week has been good. Thank you for your comments. I was very grateful to have come to zone was a powerful moving meeting and went really well! Thanks for telling us about our tire too...we are all fixed and ready to go!! Plus we found a woman at the TBN that is from a Part member family and we switched numbers and were going to call this week to set up an apt to teach her!!! :D

Jacob is super excited for his baptism....and Bubba (Marisa’s husband/b-friend) said he wouldn't mind taking the discussions....but Marisa seams very leery of letting him... I think she is scared that if he wants to be baptized and it starts looking good. That maybe it was all be "too good" she gets very impatient with Jacob and we need to know how we can better invite the spirit so that their family sees more peace.... basics READ PRAY church!!! She hasn't come in 3 weeks. Because of hospital and getting better....we need to really help them read and pray every day and then get them to church!!! What do you think we cold do more?

Bailey and Braid.... :( didn’t come to church...but the lesson went really well and we teach them again Tuesday plan of salvation football style!!!! :)

We had 8 investigators at church Sunday! And lots of less actives for the past 5 weeks we have had to open up the back part every. Week!!! SOOO COOL!!!!

TONS OF WORK HERE....I feel like we are again starting over....which is great because that means we are doing it right....more people, progressing, relax and relate and pray pray!!! Thank you!

Still am working on serving and loving my companion... I am going to try this week to step back more and let her take charge a little more.... this will help her feel loved I think... I hope....and I'm praying to love her more. I know Satan works hard when something BIG is around the corner...but we can work harder!!! Ok....I can do this!! Thank you president!!

-love you and your wonderful family and all your love you share with us!!! It helps us be stronger!!

-Love, Sister Judkins

Monday, July 11, 2011

Letter #67

July 11th 2011

I did mama!!! :) thanks for the reminder!!!

Mom, I need some input on how I can loose this weight.
1. Water
2. Acidophilus
3. Exercise
4. (Trying to make your homemade bread) helps regulate me BIG TTIME... lost 5 pounds eating it!
5. Whole wheat things.
6. Limit sweets!!!

What else could I take, do or eat to help?

And 2nd thing. it's been very difficult for me to love my comp lately, she points out all the things that I do that are wrong and when it comes to her, she's a perfect peach!!! UGH!!!! I need to just be the senior companion and be a leader and make sure we follow the schedule. We are practice teaching every. day now...I love this, she sounds robotic when she teaches....but I think that it's because she needs practice, and man we are going to be sooo good if we just practice (me too, I need to get way better for these next many months) today we taught the plan of salvation and I felt prompted to add the word of wisdom together....AMAZING!!! practice taught the plan of salvation and then I integrated the word of wisdom into it, and how addictions (because we have many inv that smoke) will keep us out of the celestial kingdom and sin is an addiction (so none of us are without addiction, we all need to rid ourselves of these addictions that bind us and keep us from living with God, Jesus Christ and our families forever) and that there is opposition in all things 2 Nephi 2 and the opposite to sin is repentance!!! I've never taught it like that. I LOVED IT. INSPIRATION!!!!!

I love you mom, I love the gospel, I need to be more patient and more humble and if I can let things go with my comp then when it comes to my future family and ya'll too, then I can do anything. especially with Jill, I want to have a strong relationship, and if I let every little thing get to me then she wont feel my love...but I need to fight the opposition that wants us to NOT get along and I need to bite my tongue, because Jill is my sister and always has been a good example...we both are pretty heard headed and stubborn, but if we feel each others love, humility will out way our pride!!! Just let things go, and give them to God. This is what I've learned this week. Well I haven’t learned it yet: P but I'm sure God is going to keep teaching it to me!! But anyways. I love you mom! I love the family and I love my mission!!! I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE!!!!

Yes I got the package!!! With the bread!!! Sorry I didn't say was so good. ..It’s all gone now...I ate it up!!!! It worked wonders for me!!!! Especially the bread!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!! Now let’s see if I can make it myself!!!?? Somehow!!! Can you send me the recipe? Love you, Sister Judkins